Saturday, March 9, 2013

My sister's best friend

Through sex with my sister's best friend, I get a new perspective on her.
I’d had a longish drive up the M1 to Leicester where my rather younger sister lived. She had been a late baby, and I had been in my last year at school when she was born, so I really didn’t see much of her when she was a child, but after my divorce, I visited my parents much more often and saw much more of her and her friends also when they were in their teens. Then her marriage and children brought us a lot closer, and I enjoyed being the older uncle, especially as I saw less than I would have liked of my own kids. Now Jane was a little over 40 and my two nephews were just off on their own, but I still visited as regularly as I could. That Saturday, we’d had a good barbecue, my sister and her husband, and she had invited her best friend Jill, whom I vaguely remembered, to join us as her husband was away for a couple of weeks on business. The two bottles of my favourite Chilean Cab Sauv had gone down rather too quickly, and with the warm summer sunshine, we had all got on famously. It was not too surprising then that Jill and I had l been flirting a bit with each other, and even Steve, my brother in law, had joined in, which I could see put Jane’s nose out of joint a little, though she responded by being a little more affectionate with me than I had seen before.

When the time came to leave, Jill was the first to say that she had better get back home, so I offered to drive her, despite the amount of alcohol that I had consumed. My sister and her husband had mended their slight tiff, and had given us fairly obvious signs that our lunch was over, in fact by then most of the afternoon was over. They eventually collapsed on their living room sofa, so Jill called a taxi and when it arrived, she asked if I would accompany her, or did I want to stay with two semi-unconscious people! No decision really.

The taxi ride was quick, and then there we were inside her house. She leant back against the hall wall, and said that she had fancied me for years, but never had the opportunity to do much about it. She I told her she looked really sexy, and she did, still slim waisted, full hipped, and with a lovely pair of breasts, in her low cut T shirt, her bra pushing them up. I just love the curve of a breast as it swells, and hers swelled beautifully. I moved those few feet across the hallway, and bent to kiss her, her lips feeling like velvet against mine, and then tasted her darting tongue urging me on. My hands went to her breasts, feeling their roundness, my thumbs lightly stroking across her nipples, clearly felt through her bra, so hard already. She pressed against me, moving to grind her mound against the bulge of my swelling cock.

“Not here”, she whispered, and pulled my hands away to lead me upstairs. Part way up, I paused, and gently pulled her down, my head being about level with her waist, and grinning, I tugged down her jeans, revealing a maroon G string. “My favourite colour”, I said, and started to kiss her mound through the silky covering. She smelled amazing, musky, sweet with a hint of spice, and the skin of her inner thigh was so smooth and soft. I was in heaven as this is one of my favourite ways to start with a new lover. It gives so many clues as to how she may react and as I moved aside the cloth of her string, my fingers stretched open her shaven pussy lips, and I started to lick the inside of them, up and down, one side and then the other. I could feel her reacting in the way that I had hoped, her body relaxing and then moving with me, as she savoured the sensations washing through her body. A long groan escaped her lips as I dipped my tongue into her pussy and licked, spiralling it as deep in as I could get. By now, her knees were raised, her feet drumming on my back, as I moved in to kiss and then suck her clit. The drumming in my back ceased as she clamped her thighs around my head, squeezing so hard I thought I would suffocate, as her first orgasm swept through her.

“Oh wow, fucking wow”, she muttered, as her climax slowly faded, and my tongue slowed its work. Leaving her clothes strewn on the staircase, we ran up into her bedroom, where I completed my undressing of her, and doing the same myself, joined her on the bed, where she lay with arms and legs wide open, a dreamy look on her face. “Now Chris”, she said, “that was wonderful, I hope you won’t be put off, but if you look in the bedside cupboard beside you, I want you to use some of them on me”. I wondered what she meant, but as I opened the cupboard door, I saw a wide selection of toys. There were a couple of vibrators, and three different sized dildos, one just glass and slightly curved, about 7” long, another which was slim, ribbed, and about 9” long, and a huge fat one, the exact reproduction of a giant cock, the glans big and swollen looking above the veined stem. But it was when I saw the cuffs, blindfolds and ball gag that I realised how she liked it. “I haven’t used these with a man”, she softly said, pressed against my shoulder as I looked at the selection, “for over a year now, but I didn’t think you would want your sister here, so it’s your chance to experiment with me!”. “But...what about your husband?”, I stammered, “Surely he...”. “We haven’t slept together for several years”, she replied, “I can do what I want, and I have played with these with your sister, she is very horny”. Listening to Jill saying that made my cock swell more, as I imagined Jill and my sister playing with these toys. The light flirtation I had had with Jane that afternoon came into my mind, and I thought of her in a new light!

I turned back to the bed, a vibe and the long slim dildo in my hand, only to be pushed flat as Jill put both her hands around the length of my swollen member, and sticking her tongue out licked slowly across my cock head, as she played with her fingers up the length of me, a delightful ripple of sensation going through me. Looking up, she made a circle with her red lips, stuck her tongue out, looking coquettishly at me, and then dropped her head down, encircling my cock head and continuing down, down, until I could feel my cock pushing at the back of her mouth. She then moved her head and jaw, relaxing to take me deeper down into her throat. She gave a couple of gulps, giving me an amazing feeling, my cock growing even more to fill her, and then slid back up to leave my cock, and licked down the underside, underneath my glans, where the ridge of met my shaft, licking until she reached my ball sac, and sucking first one, and then the other into her mouth. She continued down with her fingers to press an exploratory fingertip against my asshole. From my groan of pleasure, she realised that I wasn’t pulling away, so she moved back up with her mouth, and sucked me deep again, this time as my cock pushed into her throat, her finger pushed into me, stroking gently. Again and again she worked on me, until I grabbed her head, when my cock was at its deepest, and pulsing over half a dozen times, I drowned her throat in my cum.

She went off to the bathroom, saying that she needed to pee, but left the door of the en-suite open so I could hear everything she did. As she came back into the room, I told her that now it was my turn to pleasure her, took hold of her hands, and pulled her over to the bed. Using one pair of cuffs, I fixed her hands to the bed head, leaving her legs free for now. Switching on the vibe, I worked on her pussy lips, up and down, just touching her clit hood, as I circled about it, and then down to hold it buzzing at her vaginal entrance. Again she groaned as she had on the stairs, and continued to do so as I switched the vibe to a medium setting. Her legs came up and opened even further, and pushing the vibe into her cunt, I bent her backwards and used the other cuffs to tie her ankles to the bed head as well. Thank goodness that she was still slim and flexible! She urged me on, telling me she loved to be restrained like that. Both her pussy and her ass were now totally exposed to me, and I went to work on them. I pressed the slim ridged dildo against her asshole as I continued to work with the vibe on her pussy and now on her clit. Her moans grew in intensity, and as I opened her asshole with the long slim dildo and pressed it home, she started to scream, deep in her throat. I fucked her ass with that slim dildo and turned up the speed on the vibe to max, at which in no more than 30 seconds, she came again, this time with a loud scream and a torrent of verbal filth, which continued for what seemed like minutes as her body thrashed against the restraints.

I moved up closer to her body and taking the big black cock dildo, slid it into her dripping wet pussy, pressing it in until she gasped with the feeling of it hitting her inside. I roughly fucked her cunt, my hand pushing and pulling, watching her pussy lips grip it and stretch as the big head almost popped out, and then curled back on themselves as I fucked it back into her. She groaned each time I pushed it in her, and I could tell where the most sensitive area was, and concentrated the cock head rim on that, watching her eyes and her face darken in lust. But before she could cum again, I got even closer, pulled out the glass dildo from her ass, and replaced it with my cock as her asshole gaped wide. This sent her over, and she orgasmed loudly for a third time. As I continued to fuck her, her orgasm slowed but didn’t go, the clenching of her ass muscles working its wonders on my cock until I again drained my balls, this time pumping my semen into her ass.

“Time for a rest”, I said, and uncuffed her, cuddling against each other, belly to belly, nipples to nipples, as we talked. “You are certainly your sister’s brother”, she said, “I wasn’t sure, but you know how to use those toys on me”. “Well, that’s what you wanted isn’t it?”. “Oh yes, I love what you did last, having my cunt and my ass filled is the best for me”. “Just with toys?”, I queried. “Oh no, I prefer a couple of cocks, or a cock and a finger or fist, or a cock and a dildo...whatever just filling me up....I love the feeling so much”. “Mmmmm......that gives me an idea.....”, I thought.

We kissed and stroked each other for what seemed like eternity, loving every minute of it, until the urge got to me again. In the position we were in, it was an easy thing to lift her left leg up and place it above my hip, to lean over to stroke her thigh, and finger her pussy. She still felt like velvet, and as I continued to finger fuck her, I could feel her pushing back at me. Slippery with her juices, my fingers curled and stroked her, and it seemed that she expanded to accommodate my fingers, first just a couple and then three, and as I formed my fingers into an arrow head shape, eventually all of them were thrusting into her. Her throat gave out a deep groaning noise as I fucked her harder, and she pushed against me, until I paused, and slowly pushed my hand further and further in until I had stretched her pussy so much that I was up to my wrist in her. Flexing my fingers and touching inside her was wonderful, as she obviously thought as well. I hardly needed to fuck her myself by now, she was doing most of the movement, as my knuckles scraped along her cunt walls, and my fingers stroked and touched deep inside her. She half turned, and we kissed, her tongue pushed deep into my mouth, working and urging me on, as my hand thrust and her body pushed, and each time my finger tips hit a part of her deep inside, she gave a little jerk, and a moan in her throat and each time her tongue again thrust deep. She was glorious, my glove putter doll, and I fisted her for a long while, until quite suddenly, the grip on my wrist tightened, and she literally clamped down on my wrist, and her body positively rippled, I could swear.

It took a full five minutes to extricate my hand, as she seemed to have clamped me inside her forever, but eventually she relaxed and came down from her high, turning back to me, and snuggling tightly. I know that I dozed then, and I think she did also, as when I awoke it was dark. I became aware that my cock was hard and immersed in something wet, warm and soft. I put my hands down to feel Jill’s head working on me, as her hands played with my balls.

Once she was sure I was properly awake, she slid back up my body, and switching on a bedside light, said “I feel wonderful, well fucked, but there’s one more I want, did you realise that your cock hasn’t been in my cunt?” and spreading her knees each side of me, she sat up raised herself to position my cock at her cunt, and proceeded to ride me, slowly building up her speed, her depth, her grip on me. I lay back, wondering at the power of her vaginal muscles. Not long ago it was stretching to wrap itself around my hand and wrist, and now it was gripping my cock like a vice, sucking at me as she almost came off the end. I watched her full breasts bounce as she rode me, and teased her long hard nipples with my fingers. My hips started to rise to meet her, and we fucked like this on and on, until she tensed and I could feel her vagina squeezing me as a wave rippled through her, and she moaned, slowing to let it subside before keeping me inside her she crabbed herself round to ride me reverse. This position is one that drives me wild, the sight of a slim back flaring into rounded hips, undulating from her waits as she worked on my rigid pole. My hands went to her hips, and spreading her ass cheeks, watched as she pumped up and down on me, and the winking of her asshole as she did so. Of course, my finger went there and penetrated her, using it to lift and press down in time with her. She started to growl, and again started to cum, this time a more intense series of pulses on my cock, and as she groaned she put her head back, leaning backwards more, my fingers pushed by this deeper in her ass. As the climax hit her fully, she slid down so my cock was deep inside her, gripping me tight, and squeezing me rhythmically, a milking action, a supreme feeling, as now I felt myself tightening. The familiar but ever wonderful feeling of release, as the pressure in my over tight balls eased, and my hot semen squirted out into her, it seemed like time had stopped, and then it was over, and my senses returned.

“Jill, why haven’t we ever done this before?”, I asked. “Stupid of us, wasn’t it”, she replied, “if I’d known it would be this good, I’d have fucked you the moment I saw you!”. “So you fucked my sister instead?”, I said. “She’s pretty good as well”, Jill continued, “Did you two ever.....?”. “No, of course not”, was my prompt reply. “Well, she told me that she would have done if you had ever asked her!”. “Really?, that’s something to think about”, I told her.

I walked the couple of miles back to my sister’s house to collect my car, thinking of what Jill had said. When I got to her house, she greeted me with a smile, and asked me if I had enjoyed myself. I told her that I had, and that I understood now how good friends she and Jill were. My sister did have the grace to blush slightly, and whispered that I was not to say anything to her husband. As I bent to kiss her goodbye and drive back home, I bent her closer to me than I would normally have done, and felt her hesitate and then respond. Jill had been right, I thought, and so I whispered in her ear that I should make the next visit when her husband was away, and we could invite Jill over. As I struggled with the traffic on the motorway, her breathed “Yesss....” kept me going all the way home!